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real estate developments

Urban - Montevideo
Casa A – Business Premises

“Casa A” is one of the first buildings made on Barrio de Carrasco.
It was built by the British and it has always been linked with that community. This house is considered an emblematic building, and it is protected by the Commission for Architecture of Carrasco and Punta Gorda.

Desarrollos Orientales highlighted the value of the house by restoring its original construction with great sense of respect for its past. The house was rented to a top clothing brand; and has been in operation since March 2012.

Urban - Montevideo
Arocena Office – Office Building

It’s a building of 1000m2 with 6 offices of 100m2 and 170m2. It is located in the ground at the back of Casa A. It was built with a modern and up-to-date style that contrasts with the identity of the house and harmoniously reflects the past, the present and the future of Carrasco.

Suburban: Carmelo
La Concordia – Countryside Development with Vineyards

Harmony, friendship, peace, compromise, affection, understanding, warmth. These are some of the words that describe this marvelous place. If we add to this group of words the terms nature, beauty, ecology and design we will have the exact definition of what Desarrollos Orientales has accomplished with La Concordia. This place was generously intended and performed in order to improve the lifestyle of the urbanite.

It is composed of 33 plots of land, each of them with a unique perspective of the vineyards, flora and fauna, and water; all of them connected by a winding lagoon. The exquisite landscaping was created by Carlos Thays. In addition, this development provides the possibility of making your own wine.

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