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The Viganó family is particularly motivated by seas and rivers, they inspire the family to cross them over and over again. Past generations did it and its contemporaries do it nowadays. They come and go as many times as it takes for them to feel comfortable on both sides. No matter if it is located in the East or the West, a nearby riverbank is enough for them to develop a new way of life.

This is how they got to Uruguay from Argentina and to Argentina from post-war Europe. They have come and gone; they come and go. Their stories and cultural roots are still present in Fiesole, in the heart of Tuscany and in the city of Prague, which used to be the cultural and social center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In their lives, memory has the role of a family muse and has also proved to be a wise adviser. 

The family has found its source of inspiration in the city of Montevideo and in the Carmelo countryside area; and, the Río de la Plata has invariably become the bridge they needed to fulfill their dreams.

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